In italiano, grazie!

MC-link is the number one on-line interactive magazine in Italy; it started in 1986 as a complement to MCmicrocomputer and then took on a separate commercial identity on the 1st October 1990.

To start with MC-link was oriented toward technical users (hardware, software, operating systems, etc.), but soon, due to user insistence, introduced areas which were more cultural or of general interest. The main MC-link areas are dedicated to the latest in computers, general interest (from music to science fiction), and late breaking news of general interest are backed up with "conference areas" moderated by experts.

Due to the special nature of MC-link and the connection costs , MC-link provides you with a number of ancillary or supplementary services and numerous tools which will help you to reduce the costs of connection.

Since you can send messages and connect to other networks (via FTP, Telnet, TCP/IP) a number of legal and security related issues must be covered by the MC-link service Only registered MC-link users are allowed to write and send messages and to connect to internet.

MC-link is published by Technimedia. To subscribe, you can either buy a quarterly subscription from one of our distribution centers , from a newsagent , via modem , fax, telephone or post.

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