The I.S.P. - Institute for Fatherhood Studies - is a scientific and cultural association that was founded in Rome in 1988.
In accordance with Articole 1 of its Statute, its purpose is "to promote the study of fatherhood with particular emphasis on its psychological, pedagogical, social, biological, historical an juridical aspects". It also has as its objective "protecting and enhancing the value of the paternal functions and roles in society, by encouraging a new social sensitivity in this area".
The Institute places at the disposal of its members: a specialized library that is being continually brought up to date, an archive comprising press clippings that are sub- divided by subject, a collection of university theses and specialized reviews, a series of single-subject files on subjects dealing withe fatherhood, the family and minors. The Institute also offers the possibility of holding "technical" conferences, debates and screenings. Members also have at their disposal a listing of lawyers and psychologists who have associated themselves with the Institute.
Members receive a subscription to "ISP News", the Institute newsletter.
In addition to keeping members informed of the Institute's activities, this publication provides a forum for articles by specialists on the subjects of fatherhood, the family and minors, and provides information on new development in these fields, as well as in jurisprudence, psychology and current events. The I.S.P. newsletter also includes special sections dealing with new books published, as well as new films of interest.
The Institute, 20% of whose members are women, offers membership to anyone with an interest in the subject of fatherhood or, more generically, in the subject of minors, the family and the parent-child relationship.
The Institute, wich has received two Culture Prizes from the Office of the Prime Minister for its activities in 1989 and 1991, has several hundred members, and operates at the national level, in particular by means of its sections in Turin, Genoa, Florence, Naples and Cagliari.

In order to become a member of the Institute, one must deposit the sum of € 52,00 (annual membership fee) in Postal C.C. Account No. 73234007, in favor of I.S.P., Institute for Fatherood Studies, Via Giovanni Ansaldo 9, 00154 Rome, or send the Institute a check for the above amount, drawn in favor of the I.S.P. A new member can also contribute a larger sum of money in order to help support the Institute work.

In order to subscribe to "ISP News", one must pay the sum of € 16,00 (Regular Subscriber) or € 52,00 (Supporting Subscriber), in the same manner as indicated in the preceding paragraph.

For more detailed information, please call or e-mail the Institute.

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